Work Out Your Own Salvation: How I healed a five-year-long chronic headache

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Follow the author, E.T. Sagan as he goes on an adventure from Bellingham, WA to Hawai'i while attempting to recover a scary, life-crippling, five-year-long headache. This book is advised for people who: 1) enjoy reading fascinating, insane real-life stories or 2) have frequent headaches, discomfort or other illness that have a psychological aspect connected to them and realize that no self-help book which offers three simple steps or only recommends altering a diet plan can be enough. E. T. Sagan jokes that, "Healing a chronic headache is simple; all you need to do is slay your demons, and end up being enlightened". While Elon would not state that the experiences listed in this book made him entirely enlightened, the experiences and coaches he fulfilled along the way DID take him from a state of mental disorder to a healthy, well balanced, mental state, which slowly had a result on the body in a favorable way.Since everybody has their own"demons"or bleating lambs in their heads which have to be silenced, Elon does not set out to tell people exactly what to do for their own unique situation, but sincerely hopes that his course to healing and wholeness can assist motivate others to find their own course of healing.As a true story, this may interest those thinking about memoirs.
As a Ph.D. in chemistry, the author explains himself as becoming part of an uncommon breed of spiritual researchers. There is a bit of stress in between science and spirituality as he initially attempts to recover the headache with standard, physical methods in a clinical manner. Nevertheless, he quickly finds that the root of the headache is extremely mental in nature which takes him on a journey investigating his ego, spirituality, and guilt and discomfort caused by the suffering of the environment.As a quick view of the Tabulation will reveal, E. T. Sagan and his real story does not fit the typical"Self-Help"
mold ... or really any mold at all, as it is filled with strange stories and profane, wacky life experiences with hippies and several reverences to insane, genius homeless people. My favorite parts are when he takes advice to heart even from mean insane people who yell at him, such as in "Chapter 34: hillbilly guy in child-molester van informs me'Take care of yourself!' Be self-centered! I realized I am The Mangy Feline. "In one breath, he advises partying with frat kids to unwind as a recommendation to assist recover a headache, and in another breath, he condenses intricate medical knowledge on headaches into easy-to-understand language. He then jumps to practicing meditation and experiences involving losing himself in Open Mics. An excellent way to assist you decide whether to buy the book would be to look through the tabulation which reveal all of the unusual and in-depth chapter titles so you can get an excellent feel for exactly what the book will have to do with. The author even advises you simply jump to the couple of chapters you are interested in if you are brief on time. With each of the brief, 49 chapters a chronological lesson, it ends up being a really quickly, entertaining read which finds out more like a real-life experience story than a"How-to-heal-a-headache "book. It is simple for a reader to get lost in the story and see his headache, his Bunion in the Brain, as a main character. To completion, nevertheless, after experiencing exactly what he experiences, one can see the approach in the insanity and how his specific chapters and lessons helped him recover the headache, and the number of of the lessons might move to other, more normal people. He begins as an insane defender of louse nests on his dreaded-head, and transforms into a simply strange human without a headache ... a reasonable trade he does not be sorry for.

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