The LA Fitness Personal Training Journal & Logbook: (Fitness, Fitness Journal, Personal Training, Weight Loss, Exercise, Exercise Journal) (Unlimited Health & Fitness) (Volume 4)

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Exactly what is The LA Physical fitness Personal Training Journal and Logbook all about?

We have actually created a better Personal Training Journal and Logbook for both fitness instructors and clients of LA Physical fitness Personal Training Programs. This will not only be a teach tool, and academic assistant, however also valuable in taping which exercises a client has carried out as they aim to reach their individual physical fitness objectives. It tracks all of your exercises and has weekly and regular monthly measurements so you can track all your progress!

Losing fat and structure muscle, plain and easy. One concept that many people seem to have a problem with is the concept that in order to keep fat off of your body you need to put on muscle. While at first glance this might seem detrimental-- putting on weight in order to drop weight-- it's all about metabolism.

Metabolic process can be summarized as all of the chemical reactions that occur within an organism. In terms of weight reduction and physical fitness, metabolism basically implies all of those calories that your body burns throughout the day. Your objective is to include lean tissue and in turn raise our resting metabolic rate.

Muscle produces metabolism

How do we do that?

As we include lean muscle to our bodies the muscle will require more calories to make it through. Imagine including a lot of plug-in area heaters into your apartment throughout the winter season. As we keep including heaters, the energy demands increase and our electrical costs rises. More heaters, more heat. Likewise, as we keep including lean muscle, our body should utilize more calories to operate that brand-new muscle ... Much like the area heaters. More muscle more calories burned.

Now let's take it one action further and consider the future. As we are including lean muscle over the coming weeks and months your body will burn increasingly more at-rest calories. Let's take a look at our example of including the heaters within our house. There is a specific point where you have enough heaters going to keep you from getting cold, then you can set all of the heaters to their least expensive setting and they will still keep your house warm, no matter how cold it is outdoors.

We want enough lean muscle on our bodies so that the fat we have actually lost can't return. There is a tipping point when you are working out, where you have actually established adequate lean tissue (somewhere in between 6 and 15 pounds) that the fat you have actually lost can't return because you're burning so many calories throughout the day.

Consider pounds of fat in terms of the calories they represent. A single (1) pound of fat is roughly 3500 cal. In basic terms, a pound of lean muscle will include an extra 20 to 30 cal. each day to your metabolism. That implies if I were to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle I would be burning an extra 200 to 300 cal. each and every day. So if I have 10 pounds of fat to lose (35,000 cal.) that I need to put on adequate muscle to compensate for that fat so that as soon as it's gone I don't have to keep stressing about it.

A reasonable exercise must burn in between 500 and 1,000 calories in a given day (weight training plus cardio, CrossFit, extreme cardio, and so on). If you are working out 3 to 4 days a week-- which you need to be-- you are burning an extra 3000 to 4000 cal. each week. That would burn a pound of fat weekly. No one must hesitate of lean muscle; it doesn't take very much area. Ten (10) pounds of lean muscle is very little larger than a cantaloupe-- as far as what does it cost? area it uses up in your body (volume). Simply 5 pounds of fat is roughly the size of a Football!

You're right, that's f'ing gross. But consider it like this: you might put on 10 pounds of muscle and if you lost just 3 pounds of fat you would not be any larger.

We will teach you the best ways to do that in the following exercises. So get your water bottle, get your towel, and prepare to wage war on fat.

Let's get going!

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