Heartbreakers and Heroes: Billionaires, Bikers, Sports Stars, Cowboys, Cops and More!

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A brotherhood of twelve guys bound together by their troubled youth and one coach who taught them the rules for becoming guys of honor. Some of them have not been following those rules ...

< br/ >< br/ > Get your hands on TWELVE sexy HEARTBREAKERS Hot HEROES- all new romances from Loves Today bestsellers and your favorite contemporary preferred modern are sure to get your heart pounding.

< br/ >< br/ > Love doesn't constantly play by the rules ...

< br/ >< br/ > CONCEALING WITH THE HEARTBREAKER by USA Today bestseller Virginia Nelson.
< br/ > Guideline: Protect the innocent.
< br/ > Making people laugh for a living is simple, however when a stunning unfamiliar person requires Aloysius Sutton's assistance, he needs to find a method to end up being Jude's hero.

< br/ > THE BEST WAYS TO UNBREAK A HEART by USA Today bestseller Jennie Marts.
< br/ > Guideline: If you like her, don't let her go.
< br/ > Singular cowboy, Journey Turner finally has a possibility to fix the errors he made when he let the female he enjoyed go out of his life twelve years earlier. But now that Bre Wilson is back, will he be able to unbreak her heart?

< br/ >< br/ > SECOND POSSIBILITY HERO by Michelle Major.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy doesn't develop himself up by tearing someone else down.
< br/ > Travis Jackson might not be the white knight Hailey Moore requires, however he'll risk his future to win her heart.

< br/ >< br/ > HERO IN DISGUISE by Sharla Lovelace.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy doesn't buy regard, he makes it.
< br/ > Billionaire playboy Jake Jericho believes he has it all, until one telephone call reminds him otherwise. Can one week in camouflage reform this trust fund playboy, or will his deception ruin the only genuine love he's ever understood?

< br/ >< br/ > HER HEARTBREAKER BOSS by Carmen Falcone.
< br/ > Guideline: Never leave your female disappointed.
< br/ > Can Stefano and Roxie resist the heat flaring in between them or will interacting compel them to face their rocky past and offer them the happily ever after they are worthy of?

< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy never kisses and tells.
< br/ > When an A list actor go back to his home town, old wounds and fresh gossip emerge ... together with a second opportunity at love, if he's brave enough to stick around.

< br/ >< br/ > REFORMING THE HEARTBREAKER by Christine Glover.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy never breaks a lady's heart.
< br/ > Can Olympic mountain bike champion Ryder Bennett and his public relations representative Addison Carrington keep things expert in between them this time around, or will they run the risk of a hot scandal for a possibility at love?

< br/ >< br/ > HER UNWANTED HERO by Veronica Forand.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy constantly assists someone in requirement ... he might be the only one who does.
< br/ > A disenchanted law enforcement officer should pick in between keeping a lady's affection or keeping her alive.

< br/ > ONCE A HEARTBREAKER by T.J. Kline.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy never lies, particularly to a lady.
< br/ > Ty Preston ran out on the female he enjoyed twelve years earlier, but now he's back to show he's a changed guy. However, Rayne can't run the risk of getting her heart broken by the cowboy once again.

< br/ >< br/ > MAKE MINE A HEARTBREAKER by Jodi Linton.
< br/ > Guideline: Love needs to constantly be enjoyable.
< br/ > She's about to change this playboy's guideline book.

< br/ >< br/ > HOME TOWN HEARTBREAKER by Heather Long.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy constantly puts his best foot forward ...
< br/ > Zeke constantly prepared to steal her heart, however she left him on base. It's the bottom of the ninth, and Charity depends on bat. Can she tell her two-all stars the truth or will a nasty end her best opportunity?

< br/ >< br/ > TUTORING THE HEARTBREAKER TO LOVE by Hayson Manning.
< br/ > Guideline: A genuine guy never touches the hired assistance.
< br/ > Can Savannah teach serial heartbreaker Walker to be domesticated in 10 days and encourage him that possibly they can have a shot at a 'them' or can Walker encourage Savannah there can be a 'them' on his terms only?

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