Faith, Family, Fitness, Food Motivational Journal: A 31 Day Motivational Journal

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Are you made with the EXCUSES? Are you ready for CHANGE? Then let's go! My name is Benjamin Lee In August of 2016, I was 38 years of ages, fat, and without a great deal of self-confidence. I seemed like I was stuck. I wasn't pleased with my weight. I wasn't pleased with my body. I couldn't t into some of my clothes. Would things ever alter for me? On August 28th, 2016 things would alter for me ... I began my year of improvement. I began working out 6 days a week, 25-35 minutes per exercise. I began eating 6 times each day and taking the proper flexible- ments. And I began to do something else-- I began journaling whatever I did. This was a big part of my success. I planned and prepared exactly what and when I was going to consume. I did my finest to tape whatever I took in. I didn't always record completely, but putting pen to paper assisted me significantly-- it will help you too. To be inten- tional with your plans is effective. Putting your ideas down on paper is also effective; it makes things that much more genuine. I had another realization in 2016. I acknowledged that to transform our physiques we need to also transform our mindset. When we get our mindset right, the body will follow. To assist get my mind right, I began to draw up inspirational ideas to myself. I would document specific phrases over and over to ood my mind with good ideas. I also wrote my prayers out daily. I like doing this. It requires me to slow down and actually consider exactly what I'm asking and stating to God. I also began to make a gratitude list. The more I focused on favorable ideas and the numerous true blessings I have, the better I felt! Now it's your rely on do the very same. I believe you can make the modifications you prefer to make, but it will take effort. It will take time on your part. It will take preparation and preparation for you to be successful. You will need to think hard about why you want to make the needed modifications. There's no time at all for us to make excuses. We need to be strong and bold. We need to trust in our God. We need to ll our minds with favorable ideas. Remember exactly what the apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:8: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is charming, whatever is commendable, if thereis any excellence, if there is anything worthwhile of praise, consider these things." The Holy Spirit reminds us about the power of our mind and our ideas. Christians' minds ought to be focused on our Jesus. When we allow scrap into our minds, bad things will take place. Our minds are effective. We need to be careful how believe. The very same might be said with regard to how we speak to ourselves. Many individuals speak with them- selves in such a way they would never ever speak with others. When people constantly tell themselves, "I stink," "I'm worthless," or "I'm never ever going to achieve success" they become exactly what they tell themselves. Be careful how you speak with yourself. Be careful with exactly what you allow into your mind. Our brains are effective! We are reminded in Psalm 139:14,"... I am fearfully and wonderfully made ..." When I began my journey in 2016, I imagined myself succeeding. Now I desire you to do the very same. This journal will help you to grow in your faith, delight in the true blessings God has actually provided you, and achieve your fitness objectives. This journal is designed to assist you through the first 31 days of your brand-new journey. It also can be at any point in your journey of becoming stronger. Daily, you have area to ... • Write out your everyday prayer to God. We require time to hope, Mark 1:35. • Write out five things you are gratefulfor every day. We have numerous needs to over ow with thankfulness, Colossians 2:7. • What sort of exercise you will carry out for the day. • What you prepare to consume then exactly what you actually consumed. • A space to draw up something inspirational on your own. • You will also be able to read a motivational thought from me to help you along the way. Are you ready? Benjamin Lee.

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