DIY Crafts Box Set: 70+ Homemade Shampoos, Lotions and Homemade Beauty Products You Can Make at Home. 5 Lessons to Master Knitting (Homemade Lotions, Homemade Lotions books, Homemade Shampoo)

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BOOK #1: Homemade Lotions: 20 Organic and Easy Nourishing Lotion Recipes That you Can Make at Home

Everybody uses lotion. Whether you use it for your hands, face, feet or all-over body, you have one aim in mind. That's to get the softest skin you can. So, you buy what you have been led to believe is the purest and best skin lotions there are. Just as with chemically manufactured foods, lotions of every kind are also infused with their own brand of toxins. Some are barely noticeable, and some over time, could be hazardous to your health.

BOOK #2: Homemade Shampoo: 22 Tips on How to Make Homemade Shampoos For Damaged and Hair Without Shine

Are you tired of paying top dollar for shampoo that does an adequate at best job of cleaning your hair? Are you worried about the types of chemicals that you are putting in your hair and on your head and what those chemicals could do if they get absorbed through your scalp? We all are justifiably concerned about the types of products we are buying.

BOOK #3: Homemade Beauty Products: 22 Outstanding Easy to Make Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

This book will teach you how to make simple and safe natural beauty products right from your home. Very easy and simple to make you wouldn’t mind making it anywhere from home; the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, the garage, the basement. It’s your home so you choose where to make it because home is a safe haven.

BOOK #4: Soap Making: Amazing Ideas and Proven Tips for Making Homemade Natural Soaps In Your Home

This book is perfect for the novice to the experienced. Jam-packed with amazing ideas and tips this book is a snapshot of everything to do with natural soap making. From creating a Babushka inspired soap to taking inspiration from art galleries this guide covers ideas and tips you won't read anywhere else. This guide traverses across all aspects of natural soap making from achieving cookie cutter perfect soaps through to letting your inner creative loose to create the abstract and wonderful.

BOOK #5: Knitting: 5 Proven Lessons on How to Master Knitting in the Shortest Amount of Time

Knitting is a skill, a craft, a science, and an art all rolled into one. When someone learns to knit, he or she can create fashion that makes a wearable a statement or accessories that make a house a home. This book is an engaging, enlightening introduction to knitting. It will take you from the very beginning stages - knowing what to look for when you’re shopping, learning the basics you need to know to create a simple project right now, deciphering a pattern – and give you the confidence to develop your skills enough to master even the most complicated project later on. Each section of the book delivers a nuts and bolts how-to with clear descriptions of techniques accompanied by illustrations.

BOOK #6: Essential Oils: 25 Outstanding Essential Oil Recipes for Damaged Hair Without Shine That You Can Make at Home

Give your hair natural look using 25 outstanding essential oil recipes for damaged hair

Apart from smelling nice, essential oils have amazing healing qualities: some are rich in anti-oxidants, some have strong disinfectant properties, some are anti-fungal, others are soothing natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

If you want your hair to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils, Essential Oils: 25 Outstanding Essential Oil Recipes for Damaged Hair Without Shine That You Can Make at Home is the book for you.

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